This is a preview of Can't Be Evil?... an interactive investigative exploration into dapps and privacy. We use the medium of a dapp - a decentralized application - to expose what such dapps get to know about you compared to data amassing centralized services like Google and Facebook. Spoiler: Far less.

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Defending Digital Rights

Digital rights are those human rights and legal rights that allow individuals to access, use, create, and publish digital media or to access and use computers, other electronic devices, and telecommunications networks. The concept is particularly related to the protection and realization of existing rights, such as the right to privacy and freedom of expression, in the context of digital technologies, especially the Internet.[Wikipedia]

Data Ownership

Data ownership is about having legal rights and control over your data. A current concern is that big corporations like Facebook and Google get to have ownership to much information about you, a key element of their business model.

Privacy by Design

Can technology be designed to secure privacy? That's the idea behind privacy by design, where data protection is proactively integrated from creation and throughout the whole engineering process.

Security Through Encryption

Public key cryptography is an essential component in keeping data safe, secure and private during transmission and storage. In public key cryptography, any person can encrypt a message using the receiver's public key, but that encrypted message can only be decrypted with the receiver's private key.

Can't be Evil

The slogan "Can't be Evil" is a take on a former google corporate code of conduct, represents this idea of enabling the creation and promotion of apps that can't do the mentioned "evil" of enabling companies to easily share and sell data without our permision while at the same time giving us the ability to increase our own ownerships of this data by encrypting it with a key/value system under a blockstack numerical id.

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Who's Blockstack, anyway?

Blockstack is a public benefit corporation, creating a decentralized computing network and app ecosystem designed to protect digital rights.

What Dapps Get to Know About You



To understand a bit more about how a company views privacy and how they think about what is important, it can be good to go to their privacy policy and explore so what they focus on lets do some of that with Blockstack.

View it here.

This is just scratching the surface. We will progressively provide you with insights about digital media rights and the evolution of decentralized apps. You are invited to come back for updates.

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